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12 October 2022

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Tu yuanzhi knew that the eight and nine materials were right, so he raised his True Qi and knocked on the stone door again and again with the ghost staff in his hand. "Brother Ouyang, the door of the cave is here. If you can't open it from the inside, please knock on the wall seven times, and we'll try to break the wall!" He shouted. The sound of footsteps, go to the wall and then rest, followed by a very slight rumbling sound of stone! Chapter 14 the surprise of the snake cave. When Tu yuanzhi and others heard the sound of the stone, they knew that Ouyang was still hopeful in his life! After about half a cup of hot tea, the sound of the stone suddenly turned, and the stone door opened "ah"! Ouyang Ping sighed and walked out from behind the door, carrying a round package in his hand! Tu yuanzhi was overjoyed, but he was slightly surprised to find that Ouyang Ping's eyes seemed to be brighter than before! Chu Min-tong felt the same way and asked with a smile, "Are you frightened, Brother Ouyang?"? As far as I know, there are very rare things hidden in this'Wumeng Snake Cave '.. Ouyang Ping raised the round parcel in his hand and said with a wry smile, "Brother Chu is right. Let's see if this is a very rare thing." Words, reach out to uncover the package, so that the contents of the package, appear in front of Tu yuanzhi and others! The contents of the bag, is a bloody head! The face of this head, however, is the same as Yue Longfei's! Gu Changqing glanced at Ouyang Ping's chest and said, "Brother Ouyang, did you meet the little thief Yue Longfei and get his head?" Ouyang Pingxuanmei said with a proud smile,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Yue Longfei, a little thief, is in the snake cave, exercising to heal his wounds. I quietly knocked him down and cut off his head!" Gu Changqing laughed wildly and pointed at Yue Longfei's head. He gritted his teeth and said, "Yue Longfei, when you hurt me with the'Moyu Furong Sun and Moon Banner 'just now, how you showed off your power, but now you are also dead in the hands of Brother Ouyang!" Ouyang Ping said with a smile, "Since Taoist Gu has a grudge against Yue Longfei,dap diammonium phosphate, how about I give you his head to relieve your hatred?" Gu Changqing was overjoyed to thank him, and Ouyang Ping handed over Yue Longfei's head! Gu Changqing took the head, took a closer look, a burst of laughter, then the head, ferociously, throw to the stone wall! "Shell extension" a crisp sound, blood splashing, brain like rain, the head was smashed by Gu Changqing! Tu yuanzhi wanted to pickle Yue Longfei's head and bring it back to the capital, but since it was smashed by Gu Changqing, he had to stop talking about it! The eagles and dogs of the Qing court, satisfied with their ambitions, discussed with each other how to gather their strength to defeat the "Danxin Gorge in the North Tianshan Mountains". For the time being, the story shifted to the "soul-chasing pedant" who followed the assignment of "Southern Wilderness Sword" Fuyunzi and went to Xinjiang via Hunan, Sichuan and Qinghai, especially Nanbao and Zhou Baimei, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide price, the "poisonous doctor"! Since you Nanbao was poisoned in the South China Sea and narrowly escaped death, he knew that since he had become the nail in the eye of the eagles and dogs of the Qing court, "Wudang Mountain Hidden Sword Valley" would be doomed sooner or later, and it was no longer a place where he could live happily for a long time! Therefore, after returning to the "Tibetan Sword Valley", You Nanbao gave instructions to his family and quietly moved to the "North Tianshan Mountain" to live in order to avoid the Qin Dynasty for a long time! When Zhou Baimei saw that You Nanbao had made such an arrangement, he nodded and said with a smile, "Brother You, after all, we are superhuman. Since we refuse to surrender to the Tartars and you have a large family, it is much safer to move to the'North Tianshan Mountain 'than to live in the'Tibetan Sword Valley'." You Nanbao was called a "soul-chasing scholar" and was naturally both civil and military. When he heard this, he sighed and said, "There is no paradise in the boundless four seas. Where is Taoyuan to avoid the Qin Dynasty?"? The move to the'North Tianshan Mountains' is still just for a while. Unless the Tartars are driven away and the sun and the moon shine again, the descendants of Yan and Han will be able to exhale and raise their eyebrows and ascend the banquet. Zhou Baimei frowned and said with a sigh, "The Qing court is full of momentum. Within a hundred years, it is quite difficult for it to fall. I'm afraid we have the wish to rebuild the mountains and rivers with the sun and the moon." You Nanbao raised his eyebrows and said, "a bunch of adherents of the people with lofty ideals, chivalrous heroes, and others, who are willing to sacrifice their lives and shed their blood, are not unaware of the fact that the Manchu slaves are in full swing at present, and it is difficult to expect success. But the intention of the fist is only to maintain some sense of integrity for the nation-state, not to perish, and to breed potential growth, just waiting for an opportunity!" Chou Pai-mei burst into a roar of laughter. He repeatedly nodded his head and said, "Brother You is absolutely right. As long as a few people live in the right time, the sun and the moon will surely shine again. As long as there is a brigade looking forward to a resurgence, the Tartars will eventually be able to expel them. Success does not need to be mine. How can we sacrifice our descendants? We will do our best, but for future generations, we will cultivate some opportunities for recovery!" You Nanbao suddenly took out the "Kunwu Sword" from his bosom. He held it in both hands and said to Zhou Baimei with a smile, "Brother Zhou, I'll give you this" Kunwu Sword "." Zhou Baimei knew that "Kunwu Sword" was a rare treasure of Kuangdai. He shook his hand hurriedly and said, "Brother You has loved swords all his life. He has collected them painstakingly.." Without waiting for Zhou Baimei to finish speaking, You Nanbao said with a wry smile, "Ever since the'Hidden Sword Valley 'lost its sword, You Nanbao has already realized the purpose of stealing the hidden sword and bringing disaster. Besides, they are determined to recover each other, so they have made the eagles and dogs of the Qing court splash a lot of blood. Therefore, my younger brother will not only present this'Kunwu Sword' to Brother Zhou, but will also give it to comrades without stint after recapturing the rest of the lost swords Zhou Baimei You Nanbao spoke so sincerely that he stopped being modest and took the Kunwu Sword. He said with a smile, "Brother You, since Zhou Baimei doesn't dare to say such a thing again, I'll accept it." You Nanbao said with a smile, "As long as Brother Zhou shows his great power and beheads a few more eagles and dogs of the Qing court under the edge of this'Kunwu Sword ', he will live up to You Nanbao's painstaking efforts to search for treasures." After arranging everything in the "Hidden Sword Valley", they went from Jiangxi to Hunan, preparing to follow the original plan, through Sichuan and Qinghai, to the "North Tianshan Danxin Gorge"! In the first half of the journey, I was safe and sound, just climbing everywhere to enjoy the scenery and mountains! However, in the "Wuling Mountain" at the border of Sichuan and Hunan, there were repeated storms! The scenery of Wuling Mountain is excellent. You Nanbao and Zhou Baimei are on the head of a small ridge. When they are looking around, they suddenly hear a cry of grief coming into their ears! You Nanbao laughed in surprise and said,calcium nitrate sol, "Brother Zhou, this cry is so sad. Shall we go and have a look?" ’ Zhou Baimei had nothing to do because of the long distance and was bored. He nodded and smiled, and the two of them followed the sound together! stargrace-magnesite.com  

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