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Baiyun coldly looked at Hua Tian's dying struggle, the first time he killed, there was no discomfort in his heart. It feels good to stand up straight and regain your dignity! The past me will pass away today. The new me will be reborn today. When the task is completed, 3000 evolution points will be awarded. Hua Tian slowly lost his voice in pain. Then in Baiyun's brain, the mechanical voice rang again. Although the white clouds were expected, they were still overjoyed and immediately sank down. Although he is wearing a mask of human skin, Xuanming Zong will definitely find out about himself and must leave Xuanming Zong immediately. Think about it! Bai Yun temporarily suppressed the impulse to exchange things immediately. He calmly withdrew from Hua Tian's courtyard and immediately went straight to the mountain gate. He had his head down and his face was expressionless. Bai Yun walked out of the gate of Xuanming Zong with a normal look, picked up his footsteps and ran away. About three or four hours later, Baiyun stopped in a forest. He randomly chose a dense tree to climb up, just ready to enter the "cosmic evolutionist" space to exchange things, the brain sounded the mechanical sound. Main task: Kill the thirteen outer disciples sent by Xuanming Sect. Task reward: 5000 evolution points. Failure penalty: half of the life force. Time limit: 48 hours. White cloud was stupefied for a long time, quickly entered the space, must immediately exchange things, to deal with the new task. Bai Yun has already chosen the items to be bought after the task is completed. After entering the space, he directly purchased "Xi Sui Dan" and two secret books. One is the "Xuan Lei Jue", and the other is the "Lei Bu",drum spill containment, both of which are secret books of the best skills in the mainland of Xuan Tu. The price of the three items is 1000 evolution points, but because they are all items of Xuantu continent, the price is halved. Baiyun only spent 1500 evolution points to buy these things that can make Xuantu continent and countless people jealous. The remaining 1500 evolution points, after a period of careful selection, Baiyun bought a shadow and a convergence, the price of each 500 evolution points. Shadowcraft can make the body completely invisible,collapsible bulk container, but it has a great weakness, that is, it can be perceived by the divine consciousness. It may not matter on the earth, but it will never work on the land of Xuantu. So Bai Yun also bought this technique to cooperate. The art of gathering breath can make one's own breath completely gathered and avoid the perception of divine consciousness. Saving your life is the first thing to consider. With only 500 evolution points left, Bai Yun felt a burst of melancholy in his heart. He was very enthusiastic about many things in "Cosmic Evolver". All kinds of fruit abilities in One Piece, all kinds of Ninjutsu in Hokage, as well as immortals and those powerful blood powers, these items make Baiyun salivate, but there is no evolutionary point to buy. Baiyun finally spent 150 evolution points, bought a "acceleration symbol" and a "gas Dan (halved)" before withdrawing from the space. Purchased things will be automatically put into the backpack. As long as the idea of white clouds moves, the items in those backpacks will appear directly in his hands. After using all kinds of skill secret books, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Baiyun found a secret place, crossed his legs, took out the "Washing Marrow Dan" and took it down, and then he was lucky to be "Xuanlei Jue". About half an hour later, Baiyun finished washing the marrow and changing the bone. A pair of star eyes suddenly opened, bursts of light flashed, but immediately covered his nose and frowned. His body was covered with sticky dirt and gave off a foul smell. Baiyun hurriedly entered the space and spent 50 evolution points to buy a "clean dust amulet". After smashing, a water-like brilliance suddenly enveloped the white clouds. Before long, the dirt and stink on his body were clear and clean. The body of a comfortable white clouds, and then cross-legged on the ground, "Xuan Lei Jue" followed the movement and rise. Divinity probes inside, and he observes what is going on inside the body. As soon as the white cloud's mind moves, it stirs up the mysterious Qi with the attribute of thunder and lightning, and controls them to wander in the various meridians of the body. A big Zhou Tian came down, unexpectedly directly broke through the bottleneck that had been stuck for four years, and was promoted to the realm of Zhongpin Xuantu at one stroke. Slowly exhaled a foul breath, white eyes opened his eyes, flashing a trace of thunder and lightning vision. Chapter III Mission Radar In a forest dozens of kilometers away from Xuanming Zong, a figure flashing with thunder was constantly jumping and galloping. This person is naturally white clouds, the task time has passed more than ten hours, this period of time, he has been familiar with the "thunder step" posture. "Lei Bu" is indeed the top posture of Xuantu mainland. Still in the primary stage, the speed of white clouds is already very fast, and when they move, they can bring out waves of afterimages. In the introduction, the intermediate stage of "Lei Bu" can even run rapidly in the air. It's time to hunt the task monster. "Leibu" is almost familiar, and Baiyun stops and goes directly into the space of "Cosmic Evolver". At the bottom of the quest page, there is a radar-like thing that marks the location of the "quest monster". Retreating from the space, the corners of the white cloud's mouth raised an evil arc. The hunting game begins! "Elder Martial Brother Zhao!"! Do you think the white cloud doesn't want to live? How dare you poison a true disciple. In the forest, there are two young people about the age of the weak crown, walking and chatting. His eyes were looking around from time to time, as if he was looking for something, one of the teenagers sighed in wonder. Whether he wants to live or not! As long as we catch him, we can get a middle-grade'Xuanshi '. Another teenager swallowed his mouth. A piece of medium-grade Xuanshi is almost equal to the amount we receive in a year! If we can get it, our training progress will be accelerated a lot. Don't be distracted, look carefully! Don't let the other martial brothers catch you first. That white cloud should not run far, maybe it is around us! Said the young man,collapsible pallet box, who was called Elder Martial Brother Zhao. The Xuanming Sect has sent a total of thirteen disciples, who are now divided into six teams to search for white clouds in this area. Uh Say it! The two men began to inspect every place seriously. As they passed under an old tree, there was a sudden flash of thunder behind them. The two men were startled and ready to turn around. Poof!. cnplasticpallet.com

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