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09 October 2022

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Before the golden wind moves, the cicada makes a noise and secretly sends the impermanence to death. When Wu Song heard this, the fire of ignorance in his heart rose three thousand feet and broke through the blue sky. With a knife in his right hand and five fingers in his left hand, he rushed into the building. I saw three or five painted candles shining brightly, and one or two moonlights shot in, and the upstairs was very bright. In front of the wine vessel, all did not close. Jiang Menshen sat on the chair, and when he saw Wu Song, he was taken aback and lifted the heart, liver, and five internal organs out of the sky. Said late, then fast, Jiang Menshen urgent to struggle, Wu Song early fall a knife, chop the face, and the chair are cut down. Wu Song then turned back to the knife, that Zhang Dujian just stretched out his feet to move, was Wu Song at that time a knife, Qi ear root side neck cut, fell to the floor. Both are struggling for their lives. This Zhang Tuan Lian is a military officer, although drunk, still have some strength, see chop turned over two, material road walk, then lift a chair swing in the future, Wu song early catch a live, potential only a push. Hugh said that after Zhang Tuan drank, he woke up and could not get close to Wu Song's power. He threw himself on the ground and fell down. Wu Song rushed in and chopped his head with a knife. Jiang Menshen is powerful and can earn it. Wu Song got up early with his left foot, somersaulted and kicked, and then cut his head. Turn around. Cut off Zhang Dujian's head,Nail production machine, too. Seeing that there was wine and meat on the table, Wu Song took the wine bell and drank it down in one gulp. After eating three or four bells, he cut off a piece of the dead body's skirt, dipped it in blood, and wrote down the eight characters on the white powder wall: "The murderer is Wu Song who beats the tiger." Step on the utensils on the table and carry a few in your arms. But when he went downstairs, he heard his wife's voice cry, "that officers upstairs are all drunk. Hurry up and help them!" Before it was over, two men had already come upstairs. Wu song is flash in Hu ladder side, look, but is two of their own close with people,Automatic nail machine, is the day before yesterday to catch Wu song. Wu Song let him pass in the dark, but blocked the way. The two of them went into the building and saw three corpses lying in a pool of blood. They were so surprised that they looked at each other and could not make a sound, just like "separating eight pieces of top Yang bones and pouring down half a bucket of ice and snow water.". Anxious to turn around, Wu song with behind, hand up knife, early chop turned over one. The other one knelt down to beg for mercy. "But I can't spare you," said Wu Song. Grabbed and beheaded. Kill blood spatter painting building, corpse horizontal lamp shadow. "If you don't do it," said Wu Song, "if you don't stop, if you kill a hundred, it's just one death." Take the knife and come downstairs. "What's all the fuss about upstairs?" She asked. When Wu Song reached the front of the house, his wife saw a big fellow coming in. "Who is it?" She asked. Wu Song's knife flew up early, chopped the door, and fell in front of the house. Wu Song pressed it, and when he went to cut it, the knife could not cut its head. Wu Song was suspicious, and when he looked at the knife in the moonlight, he cut himself off. "You know you can't cut off your head," said Wu Song. He went to the back door to get the ju and lost the missing sword. Turn over and come downstairs again. The lamp was bright, and Yulan, Nail machine supplier ,Coil nail machine, the foster mother who had sung the song, led the two younger ones to illuminate the lamp. When she saw that her wife had been killed on the ground, she cried out, "Bitter!" Wu Song, holding the ju, smiled at Yulan in his heart. Two small, also by Wu song, a ju a result. Walk out of the nave and bolt the front door. Then he went in and found two or three women, and they died in the house. "I've just been satisfied," said Wu Song. "I'll give up." Left the scabbard, took the ju, and went out of the corner door. In the horse yard, he got rid of the bag, put the silver wine vessel in his arms, tied it to his waist, pulled his feet away, and went away with his ju. When he reached the edge of the city, he thought, "If you wait for the door to open, you'll have to eat and take it. It's better to cross the city overnight." He came up from the edge of the city. This Mengzhou city is a small place to go. The bitterness of Tucheng is not very high. Looking down at the side of the parapet, he first pressed the hollow ju, with the tip of the knife on the top and the tip of the stick down. He jumped to the ground and stood on the edge of the moat with a stick. Under the bright moon, when looking at the water, it is only one or two feet deep. It was the middle of October, and the springs dried up everywhere. Wu Song took off his shoes and socks, untied his kneepads, grabbed his clothes, and walked across the moat. But he remembered that there was a pair of eight hemp shoes in the parcel sent by Shien, and he took them out and put them on his feet. When I listened to the city watch, it was already four or three o'clock. Wu Song said, "The breath of a bird has just come out of the pine moon mulberry today.". 'Although Liang yuan is good, it is not a home for a long time. 'It can only be scattered. Carry ju Dao, east path and go. The poem says: Only to operate on the road, but also happy to drink in the building, one person killed many people, killing heart miserable than the killer. Otherwise, the wronged ghosts will be entangled, and Ann will have to get away. After the fifth watch, the sky was hazy and not yet bright. Wu Song was tired after a hard night's work, but he had a sore and a pain. How could he survive. Seeing a small ancient temple in the woods, Wu Song rushed into it, leaned on his ju, untied his parcel to make a pillow, and turned over to sleep. But to close my eyes, I saw the temple outside into two scratch hook, Wu song. The two men came in and tied Wu Song with a rope. "The four men and women said," This bird man is fat, so he can send it to his eldest brother. Wu song there struggling to take off, was the four men took the package ju, but like a shepherd, feet not point to the ground, dragged to the village. The four men and women said to themselves on the road, "Look at this man covered with blood, but where did he come from?"? Don't you want to be a thief? Wu song only silent, let them say. Line less than three or five miles, early to a thatched cottage, push Wu song will go in. Side of a small door inside, still lit the bowl lamp, four men and women will Wu Song stripped clothes, tied to the pavilion pillar. When Wu Song looked, he saw two human legs hanging on the edge beam of the stove. Wu Song thought from his stomach, "But he ran into the hands of the God of death, and he died without knowing.". If I had known this earlier, I would have told him to go to Mengzhou Mansion for the first time and cut him with a knife,Nail machine supplier, but I would have left a clear name in the world. Exactly: Kill all the evil swords, and the hero will not escape fame. Qianqiu has a clear conscience, and the body of seven feet is not light. 3shardware.com

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